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babies and children

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Post graduate specialist training in paediatric acupuncture and well over a decade of experience treating babies and children has enabled me to develop an excellent rapport with youngsters and their caretakers. Treatment strengthens the immune system and can alleviate possible reactions to medication/immunization. Common conditions of infancy and childhood can be effectively, safely and often very quickly treated.

A sample of conditions that respond well to acupuncture.

Respiratory ailments
Breathing problems, coughs, asthma, allergies

Skin, ear, eye, nose, throat problems

Digestive trouble
Colic, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting

Developmental conditions
Failure to thrive, poor growth

Behavioural disorders

Sleep problems
Insomnia, night terrors

Urinary symptoms
Bed-wetting, cystitis, rashes

Dietary advice, aromatherapy, reflexology, specialist massage and herbal medicine incorporated as required.


‘At two weeks my baby was screaming after being fed, having been absolutely angelic prior to that and in-between feeding sessions. I was very stressed because she was in great discomfort. Maeve performed one treatment that made my baby feel immediately relieved. Maeve also showed me how to keep her unobstructed.’

‘J suffered severe gastric reflux and was about to have an operation for it. She was vomiting 4-5 times a day along with the associated changing of clothes. Maeve assured us she could help although we were not sure as J had been vomiting for all her 18 months of life. How wrong we were! Within 24hrs J had completely stopped vomiting. We were able to cancel the operation. Our lives and especially J’s changed overnight!'

‘When my three month old baby was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (a condition where an abundance of thick mucus compromises the lungs and digestive tract) I decided to take him to Maeve. He was not thriving after many infections and had suffered huge weight loss. Now he has been steadily thriving. He has huge amounts of energy, he is up to the 75th centile for his weight and his height is almost there too.’

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photo of mother and child

Acupuncture helps to relieve allergies in children

According to a new study in the journal Paediatrics, acupuncture can help relieve hay fever and other nasal allergies in children

BAcC 16.11.2004

Acupuncture can provide quality care for your unwell child.

I treat babies and young children while they are being held in the safety and warmth of their caretaker's arms, which calms, comforts and reassures them. We generally distract the child while treatment is being done.

The acupuncture needles used for children are tiny, treatment is very quick, lasting only a few minutes. Specialist infant/child massage can be used instead of needles.